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Formatting via SQL

Since the SQLite engine is running in-process with Excel, it can interact with it in many ways e.g. it can modify formatting in Excel.

Formatting rows

As mentioned before, each row has a hidden __address field, and we can use to specify where the formatting needs to be applied.

Let's set the background color for movies that grossed more than $40M:

--clear any previous formatting 
select ClearBackgroundColor('movies');

--apply formatting
    *, SetBackgroundColor(__address, 'Orange')
    gross > 400000000
order by
    __row asc

Formatting rows example

In the example, we're using the ClearBackgroundColor function to clean any previously applied formatting, after which we apply formatting to the desired rows via the SetBackgroundColor function.

It might seem strange to use a SELECT statement to modify row formatting, but it's fairly easy to get used to, and there doesn't seem to be a better way of doing it via SQL.

Formatting cells

As with rows, we can use the SetBackgroundColor function to format cells.

Let's color cells based on the values they contain:

        when value > 100000 
            then SetBackgroundColor(Address, 'blue')
            SetBackgroundColor(Address, 'red')
    end) color
    cells ()
    type = 'Double'

Here we're formatting all cells that contain a number in one of two colors, depending on their value. Since the selection might contains strings and dates, we can use the where clause to filter them out to not modify their formatting.

Formatting cells example