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Note on installation warnings:
Due to a renewal of our code signing certificate, we are experiencing issues with the Windows SmartScreen filter blocking the QueryStorm installer with the following message: "This program is not commonly downloaded and could harm your device". If you are an administrator on your machine, you can run the QueryStorm installer by clicking "Run anyway". If not, please come back in a few days, as we expect that the new certificate will collect enough reputation points to pass SmartScreen filter by then. If you would like to get in touch for more info about this, you can do so by contacting us at

Paid features & commercial use

If you're evaluating QueryStorm for commercial use, or you would like to unlock the paid features, you can obtain a trial key by clicking the button below.

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What's not included in the free (unlicensed) version?

The free version is for non-commercial use only. It's suitable for use by private individuals, public institutions of education and non-profits. It also includes an occasional popup and does not include two features: connecting to external databases and setting up automation scenarios.

New to QueryStorm?

Explore the user manual to learn what you can do with QueryStorm.


QueryStorm is not a stand-alone application, but a plugin inside Excel. Once installed, it will appear in Excel as a tab in the ribbon.

QueryStorm works with Excel for Windows only. There is currently no Mac version.