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2.5 Hotfix #1

This hotfix addresses an issue with the previous 2.5 release. The issue was caused by the SQLite upgrade and was preventing existing projects that use SQLite from being opened.

Additionally, two other minor fixes are piggybacking on this hotfix.


After the SQLite upgrade, the SQLite native interop dll has been renamed from SQLite.Interop.QS.dll to SQLite.Interop.QS115.dll. The SQLite build number (115) is now included in the file name, so each time we update SQLite, the file name will be changed. This is done to ensure QueryStorm always works with the correct version of this file. Since only one version of a native dll can be loaded into a process, without this file naming scheme, another plugin loaded into the Excel.exe process could load its own version of SQLite which would cause QueryStorm to work with an unexpected version of this file. This file naming scheme resolves this problem.

However, the problem the previous update caused was that existing projects that are referencing the old SQLite.Interop.QS.dll were no longer able to be opened due to the exception that occurred when trying to locate this file. This hotfix ensures that this exception doesn't prevent projects from being opened.

Once the project is open, the user should change the SQLite native dll file names from SQLite.Interop.QS.dll to SQLite.Interop.QS115.dll, otherwise the project will show an error during build as shown in the image below.

SQLite update instructions

Other fixes in this version

This hotfix includes two other minor changes:

  • Added syntax highlighting for the new with keyword in C#
  • Logging compilation warnings even if build succeeds (previously warnings were shown only when a build failed)