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Code explorer

Find files and folders

To look for files and folders, use the filter box in the code explorer. Multiple search terms can be entered, separated by spaces. In order for a node to satisfy the filter, all search terms need to match the node or at least one of its ancestors.

Find file

You can narrow down the search by entering one of the node's ancestors as a search term. If a folder satisfies the search criteria, all of its descendant nodes will also be visible.

Find files with text

To find a file that contains specific text put the text in quotes.

Find file

Text search can be combined with file/folder search, so you can, for example, look for files that contain the specified text but only inside a specific folder like so: theFolder "text to search for"

Rename file

To rename a file, select it and press F2. Press Enter to accept the new name or Esc to cancel.

Rename file

Files get their extension when they are created, subsequent changes to their extensions are not allowed.

Move files and folders

Use drag and drop to move files and folders.

Move files

Some files and folders will refuse to be moved (e.g. bin and lib)