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Code editor

The QueryStorm IDE offers a rich code editing experience with support for syntax highlighting, intellisense, code fixers, snippets and other useful features.

Font size

Hold down Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Scroll to zoom

Code completion

Code completion is automatic in QueryStorm, but you can also invoke it explicitly by pressing Ctrl+Space.

Code completion

Code formatting

Messy code can be auto-formatted by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Code formatting

Go to matching bracket

Press Ctrl+] to navigate to the matching bracket. Hold down the Shift key to also select everything in between.

Go to matching bracket

Go to symbol definition

Move the caret on top of a symbol, and press F12 to navigate to the symbol definition. This can be in a different file.

Go to symbol

Rename symbol

Move the caret on top of a symbol and press F2 to rename it. This works across all files in the same project.

Rename symbol

Code fixers

The IDE offers code fixers that are available at the position of the cursor. To open a list of code fixers click the bulb icon in the left margin of the editor or press the Ctrl+. shortcut key.

IDE code fixers

Add namespace

Adding a namespace for a class can be done using a code fixer, similarly as in Visual Studio.

IDE add namespace

Implement an interface

The easiest way to implement an interface is using the "Implement interface" code fixer.

IDE implement interface

Generate event handler method

An easy way to generate an event handler method is to write the name of a non-existing method as the handler, and then use the "Generate method" code fixer to scaffold it.

IDE generate event handler

Override a method

Member overrides can be generated using code-completion. Enter the keyword override followed by a space and auto-complete will offer a list of overridable members. Activating an option will scaffold the code for the overriden member.

IDE override method

Star expansion (SQL)

Move the caret on top of a star symbol in the select list and invoke code-completion (Ctrl+Space) to expand the star into the columns it refers to.

Star expansion

Column names are quoted if necessary.

Column disambiguation (SQL)

Move the caret on top of an ambiguous symbol and invoke code-completion (Ctrl+Space) to disambiguate it.

Column disambiguation

Column names are quoted if necessary.

Find in file

Press Ctrl+F to find a string inside the current file.

Find in file

Supports regular expressions.

Replace in file

Press Ctrl+H to replace occurrences of string inside the current file.

Replace in file

Supports regular expressions and replacement patterns.

Move lines up or down

To move a line up or down, hold down the Alt key while pressing Up or Down arrow keys.

Move lines

Code snippets

Use code snippets to write code faster. Use the Tab key to navigate between snippet placeholders, press Enter to complete the snippet.


Snippets are language-specific, so depending on the current file, different snippets will be offered.

Configure shortcut keys

Shortcut keys can be configured in the plugin settings