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Strongly-typed data accessors

Data contexts offer access to data from various sources, but this access is not strongly typed. This is not a problem for SQL scripts, but .NET code and C# scripts can benefit from strongly typed access to the data context.

To add strongly typed access to the data context, projects in QueryStorm automatically generate a dll which contains wrapper types for all tables inside the data context. The file is saved into the lib folder and uses the following naming convention: context_types.{hash}.dll.

Context types dll

Once this dll is generated, user code can make use of the strongly typed wrappers for the tables in the data context.

Data context accessors

Updating the strongly-typed accessors

This dll file is automatically recreated whenever the data context of the project changes. For workbook data contexts this will happen when a table or a named range is added/removed or when an existing table's structure is changed.

Updating workbook data context accessors

The context types dll is also recreated whenever the project.config file is saved, so data context scripts also trigger it when they register their output types in the DataContextTypes list.

Regardless of how many data contexts a project defines, there will be only one dll that will define strong types for all of their tables.

Accessors dll