QueryStorm license types


Lite licenses enable using SQL inside Excel, including all editor features for SQL. They do not support connecting to external databases or C# functionality.

$299 / year

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Professional licenses unlock all QueryStorm features, including support for external databases and C#. They offer more power when working with data in Excel and enable building interactive (SQL and C# powered) workbooks for Runtime users.

$499 / year

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Runtime licenses enable running queries, scripts and C# functions that were embedded in workbooks by Professional users but do not include any code viewing or editing capabilities.

$99 / year

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*Licenses prices are per seat. All license types include email support, upgrades to new versions, and access to the license management portal.

Volume discounts tables


Quantity Price /year
1 $299
2-9 $239
10-49 $179
50-99 $129
100+ $79


Quantity Price /year
1 $499
2-9 $399
10-49 $299
50-99 $199
100+ $99


Quantity Price /year
1 $99
2-9 $89
10-49 $79
50-99 $69
100+ $59

Licensing FAQ

How can I manage my license(s)?

To manage your licenses, please create an account on the license management portal. Please make sure to use the same email address that your keys are registered to.

Can I move my licenses from machine to machine?

Yes, you can transfer licenses as often as you like using the license management portal.

What do my clients need in order to use workbooks with embedded SQL and C# code?

Embedded queries and scripts inside a workbook need QueryStorm to run them. To enable them to run on your client's machines, your client will need to have QueryStorm installed and activated with a Runtime or Professional license.

Can I buy a perpetual license?

To ensure you get the most out of QueryStorm, we want to provide you with regular updates and support which is why our pricing is subscription-based. We do sell permanent licenses on request. To get a quote, please get in touch.

Can I activate QueryStorm on multiple machines over the network?

Yes, your domain administrator can install and activate it remotely on multiple machines on your domain. For help with this, please get in touch.

I'm behind a corporate proxy. How do I activate QueryStorm?

You can activate QueryStorm via your browser using the manual activation procedure. If you have any trouble activating, please get in touch.

I have other questions. Where should I send them?

Click here to ask us anything.