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QueryStorm is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use and connectivity to external databases, please purchase licenses below.

Professional licenses

Professional licenses enable all QueryStorm features: running queries and scripts, connecting to external databases and embedding code into workbooks. Suitable for tech professionals.
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Runtime licenses

Runtime licenses are for distribution to business users. They do not allow using (or seeing) the QueryStorm IDE, but any automation and embedded code will be able to run on their machines.
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Licensing FAQ

Are the licenses permanent?

Yes, licenses are permanent and will continue to work indefinitely. Support lasts 1 year after purchase and includes upgrades to new versions and the ability to move licenses from machine to machine.

Do I need a paid license?

You can use QueryStorm without a paid license for non-commerical purposes. The only limitation is that without a license you cannot connect to external databases as these are typically an indication of commercial use.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, to get a quote for your specific needs please get in touch.

Can I activate QueryStorm on multiple machines over the network?

Yes, you can install and activate it remotely on multiple machines on your domain. For help with this, please get in touch.

I'm behind a corporate proxy. How do I activate QueryStorm?

You can activate QueryStorm via browser using the manual activation procedure. If you have any trouble activating, please get in touch.

Can I move my licenses from machine to machine?

Yes, the procedure is fairly simple and should take less than a minute. Here's a video demonstration of the procedure. You can transfer licenses as often as you like during the first year (after purchase) after which the license is fixed to the machine it is on.

I have other questions. Where should I send them?

Click here to ask us anything.