Manual activation

QueryStorm needs to access its licensing server in order to obtain a license. This applies to all licenses, including trial* and free** licenses. In case communication with the licensing server is not possible (e.g. firewall) you can use this form to get a license for your machine.
Enter your activation key below. If you don't have a key (paid or trial), you can leave this field empty to get a license for the free features only.
In QueryStorm's activation dialog, press Ctrl+Alt+C. A prompt should appear stating that licensing information has been copied to the clipboard. Paste this information into the field below.
Upon submitting, a licensing file will be returned to your browser. Drag&drop the downloaded license.json file into QueryStorm's activation dialog - OR- manually copy it into the "%appdata%\QueryStorm" folder. Once this is done, QueryStorm will be activated.

Note: The "unlock" icon in the ribbon will disappear after restarting Excel.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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*   Trial licenses unlock all functionality for 14 days for free. Only one trial license can be used per machine per year. Anyone can obtain a trial license (or multiple) on the QueryStorm homepage (by clicking "Try QueryStorm"). A single trial license can be used on up to five machines.

** Free licenses are issued automatically even without a key, but do not support all of the functionality.