is an Excel plugin for data scientists, data analysts, developers, system administrators and tech-savvy business people who spend any considerable amount of time dealing with data in Excel. It's an ambitious product that aims to enhance the way people work with data in Excel by enabling them to use their technical skills to work smarter and faster. This translates into happier and more productive users, improved quality and availability of data in organizations and ultimately better-informed business decisions. Given how prevalent and important Excel is in the business world, this is no small goal to aim for.

Windy Range Software
is a cheeky little company based in Split, Croatia, the EU's youngest member state. Founded in October 2016, it's the legal entity that owns and operates QueryStorm. The company's purpose is to be an environment where we create quality software that provides real value, delights our customers and excites us in the process. One can hardly think of a better way to be in business.

Antonio Nakić Alfirević

Windy Range Software LLC
Pujanke 36, 21000 Split, Croatia, EU
+385 95 811 9850
HR19 2340 0091 1108 1401 1
PBZGHR2X (Privredna Banka Zagreb)