SQL and C# support in Excel

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Meet QueryStorm, our new Excel plugin that adds powerful development and data processing capabilities into Excel.

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Full SQL support in Excel

Excel also has tables. So why not use SQL to work with them? With QueryStorm, you can!

Use SQL to clean, query and modify data in Excel as if the data was in a database.

Get the best of both worlds: the processing power of SQL and the flexibility and visualization capabilities of Excel.
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Full C# support too

SQL not enough? Run LINQ queries against Excel tables; automate Excel using C# (instead of VBA); load data from almost anywhere using any .NET library.

You can even write C# functions and call them directly from SQL (with autocomplete too).

With C# support, Excel turns into a powerful developer tool in your arsenal.
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Two-way database connectivity

Make Excel a natural extension of your databases, and vice versa.

Connecting to an external database opens a two-way connection between Excel and the database, making it easy to move data in either direction.

QueryStorm supports SQL Server, Postgres, Redshift, MySql, Oracle, SQLite, Access, and ODBC.
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Spiffy IDE

QueryStorm's IDE offers an enjoyable and efficient code editing experience. It boasts many of the features you might expect from a modern development environment, including intelligent autocomplete, auto formatting, error squiggles, function insights, symbol actions and much more.

The runtime

QueryStorm isn't just for running one-off queries and transformations; it's also a platform you can build rich interactive workbooks on. Embed C# and SQL code into workbooks to imbue them with behavior. The queries and scripts can load data from the workbook, databases, rest APIs, local files - almost anywhere. Such workbooks will work on any machine where QueryStorm is installed!

Data professionals

Upgrade your data processing toolset in Excel with the full repertoire or SQL operations, conveniently available at a single click.

DB Admins

Easily move data between Excel and various relational databases with a unique interface that's convenient and built right into Excel.


Unleash your technical know-how in Excel. Process data and build prototype applications in Excel, making use of SQL, C#, regular expressions and more.

Business users

Make use of automated workbooks or run powerful data transformations with quick queries, without having to write any code at all.

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